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Upgrade Your Moka Pot for Use on Induction Hobs!

Aluminum Moka Pots make rich Italian espresso on practically any cooking surface including gas and electric burners, but they’re not suitable for induction hobs. However, you can upgrade your new Italian coffee maker to a titanium alloy model that works perfectly on these state-of-the-art appliances upon request for an additional 6 GBP. Note that your induction hob must have a 10-Inch (25.4 cm) burner for the titanium-alloy Moka Pot to work properly. 

Tempted to save that little bit of cash? Here’s why that’s a bad idea:

The Concept of Induction Heating

Unlike traditional stovetops, induction hobs don’t transfer heat directly to cookware. Instead, it passes an electrical current through a large magnet to heat the vessel directly. Pots with no magnetic properties won’t heat up because they can’t interact with the magnet.

Many Common Materials Won’t Work with Induction Hobs

Although they won’t harm your cooking surface, certain materials like aluminum, copper and glass simply don’t work on induction hobs. Titanium alloy, on the other hand, contains just the right amount of magnetic metal to make it work perfectly with these new, high-tech cooking surfaces.

What’s So Great About Titanium Alloy?

Titanium alloy is the latest and greatest thing in high-end cookware with many great features including:

The Titanium Alloy Moka Pot is Well Worth the Additional Expense

If you own an induction hob, a titanium alloy Moka Pot is a necessity, but you may want to invest in this upgrade even if you own a more traditional cooking surface. Although our aluminum pots are attractive and functional, this softer metal is not quite as durable as the harder titanium alloy. Scratch-, dent-, and warp-proof, your new titanium-alloy Moka Pot will look and perform like new for a lifetime. At just 6 GBP more, that’s quite a bargain!

Induction Moka Pots are now available upon request. Get yours today!