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About The Moka Pot Company

Moka Pot is a new UK company started by a small group of coffee lovers who share a common passion about their brew! Frustrated by the high prices and poor quality of the caffeinated beverages found in the local ‘so-called’ coffee shops, we decided to search for a better way.

The Moka Pot Discovery

During our journey, we discovered the value, quality and sheer beauty offered by genuine Italian Moka Pots. Handmade in Italy by skilled craftsmen using traditional techniques, these aluminum Coffee Makers steam-brew the best espresso-like coffee we’ve ever tasted! This shouldn’t have come as any surprise. After all, the Italian culture places great value on the perfect cup of strong, rich coffee.

The Moka Pot Mission

Now that we’ve found our answer, we’re on a mission to share great coffee with the rest of the world! At Moka Pot, you can explore the world of coffee made in the traditional Italian manner where quality and taste is more important than anything.

The Moka Pot Vision

Our ultimate goal is to expand the Moka Pot online store slowly. The perfect cup of coffee can’t be rushed and neither can the quality of this site. Before adding any new items or manufacturers, we personally test each product to verify its quality, durability and performance. Because we tolerate nothing short of excellence, you can trust that your new Moka Pot will exceed your highest expectations!

About the Moka Pot Itself

Walk into almost any Italian kitchen and you’ll see a Moka Pot sitting on the stove. These products steam-brew the hot, rich coffee that is enjoyed as a refreshing hot beverage morning, mid-day and evening by the most discriminating Italian coffee connoisseur.

While this rich brew is superb, it is espresso-like rather than a true espresso. By definition, espresso is a strong, dark beverage created by forcing steam through coffee grounds at 9 to 10 atmospheres of pressure. This required precision is one of the reasons that espresso machines are not only expensive, but complicated to use.

Moka Pots force steam through the coffee grounds just like an espresso maker, but they only reach about two bars of pressure. However, they are simpler, safer and a lot more affordable. There are some tradeoffs, but most people can’t tell the difference between a true espresso and the espresso-like coffee made by a genuine Moka Pot.

We truly feel that if it satisfies the selective tastes of Italian coffee fanatics, it will exceed the demands of the rest of the world!

Check back often to share in our quest for the perfect cup of quality Italian coffee!