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An Authentic Bialetti is the Key to Rich, Italian Coffee!

A fashionable staple in Italian kitchens since the 1950s, the Bialetti pot is an established part of the rich culture of this sophisticated country. Over the years, the world has slowly discovered the advantages of this iconic coffee maker. Now, you too can enjoy the magic of a real Bialetti!

The Bialetti Difference

An authentic Bialetti differs from the typical coffee maker in several ways. The genuine article always includes these premium features:

What to Expect from Your Bialetti

Brewing rich, Italian coffee in your new Bialetti is meant to be a luxurious, relaxed experience. During the five minutes or so it takes to steam-brew your cup of espresso, breathe in the invigorating bouquet to fully appreciate the final results. Once your cup is filled, sip, savor and enjoy!

How to Enjoy Italian Espresso

Depending on your personal preference, you can serve your quality Italian coffee directly from your new Bialetti pot in all its dark, rich glory or mix it with frothy milk for a less intense beverage. With this Italian coffee maker, you can easily enjoy fresh espresso, lattes or cappuccinos at home at a fraction of the prices that coffee houses charge.

Most Bialetti coffee makers are sized to make one or two delicious cups of espresso. Although this might not sound like much, it’s generally enough for the entire family. If you take your coffee straight, enjoy just an ounce or two in a traditional short espresso cup. Lattes and cappuccinos only require a small amount of espresso and can be served in standard coffee cups or mugs.

The Bialetti Changed Italian Culture – and It Can Change Your View of Home-Brewed Coffee

The affordability and quality of the Bialetti revolutionized the Italian culture. Prior to the 1950s, the ability to enjoy great coffee at home was the exclusive privilege of the middle and upper classes. For everyone else, a cup of coffee was a treat that could only be enjoyed at the local bar when they could afford to splurge.

With the invention of the Bialetti, people of all economic backgrounds were able to enjoy the richest brew at an affordable cost in their own kitchen. This single miracle of 20th-century engineering was responsible for making espresso the gold-standard of refreshment in this culinary-centric nation. Now, you can enjoy this same authentic Italian coffee in your own home with an authentic Bialetti.

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