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Espresso Pot

As coffee lovers, we understand the frustration that comes with the search for the perfect cup of rich coffee. You stand in line, you hand over your money and you never know what you’re going to get. One day it’s great – the next day, not so much.

If you can relate, Moka Pot has the answer. Make your own Italian coffee at home with an affordable Espresso Pot. Isn’t it about time you were able to enjoy a stress-free cuppa?

The Espresso Pot Difference

Italian Espresso Pots are a fashionable addition to every traditional Italian kitchen. Used on a daily basis to make this nation’s favourite hot beverage, these coffee makers are precisely engineered but easy to use. When choosing a new pot, make sure it has these premium features:

Using Your New Espresso Pot

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to make rich, Italian coffee with your new Espresso Pot. Simply fill the bottom section with water, fill the coffee basket with your favourite ground coffee and insert the basket in the bottom section.

Next, securely attach the collection chamber to the bottom making sure it seals tightly. Place the Espresso Pot on a cooking surface and set the heat to medium. As the water starts to steam, it will flow through the coffee grounds and into the collection chamber. In about five minutes, the bottom chamber will be completely empty. At this time, remove the pot from the stove and enjoy your fresh brew!

Enjoy Your Fresh Espresso in Multiple Ways

Most people enjoy this Italian coffee in one of two ways. Pour it directly from the Espresso Pot into traditional short espresso cups to enjoy an intense burst of flavour. If your prefer a milder beverage, mix it with frothy milk to create an energizing cappuccino to sip by the cup or the mug. Frappuccinos, lattes and cold coffee drinks are just as easy!

Best of all, your new Espresso Pot steam-brews strong coffee that’s always perfectly smooth without a trace of bitterness. Deceivingly simple, this precision-engineered coffee maker is the fastest, easiest and most affordable way to make authentic espresso-like brew in your own kitchen!