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Moka Pot Accessories

Enjoy Your Authentic Italian Coffee Maker to the Fullest with These Elegant Moka Pot Accessories!

Complete your Moka Pot experience with authentic accessories made by Top Moka. Choose from a variety of genuine espresso cup sets and other items in coordinating or contrasting colours to use with your own Moka Pot or to give as gifts.

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Heart Squeeze Cup - Big Mug thumbnail

Whether you prefer hot cocoa or Italian espresso, you'll appreciate the enhanced dimensions of Top Moka's Big Mug in the Squeezed Cup design featuring two dancing hearts.
Heart Squeeze Cups - Mug thumbnail

Capable of holding 200 ml of brew, the Heart Squeeze Cup Mug is the perfect size for your morning cup of coffee. It's ergonomic design prevents spills and slips.
Heart Squeeze Cups - Shot thumbnail

Love your coffee, love this cup! Top Moka's Squeezed Cup gets an updated design featuring their signature heart design and offering a paper-cup look in eco-friendly glass.
Moka Pot Accessories Cups and Saucers Gift Set thumbnail

Present your coffee lover with a lovely set of cups and saucers designed to match their favourite Mini Moka Pot. Perfect for espresso, latte, coffee or tea, the Moka Pot Accessories Cups and Saucers Gift Set includes six place settings to satisfy a table full of guests.
Moka Pot Accessories Six Short Cups Gift Set thumbnail

In the heart of Italy, rich, dark espresso is served in small cups to be savored rather than gulped down in a hurry. To truly enjoy the espresso-like brew made in a Moka Pot in the traditional manner, order the Moka Pot Accessories Six Short Cups Gift Set.
Queen Mini Gift Set - Double  thumbnail

Pair this gift set with a matching Tete-a-Tete tray combo and you've got the perfect present for any couple. It's perfect for weddings, anniversaries, housewarmings or any other occasion!
Queen Mini Gift Set - Single thumbnail

This gift idea will be appreciated by anyone who only needs a small amount of coffee at a time - students, singles or office workers. It's fast, reduces waste & looks great.
Squeeze Cup - Big Mug thumbnail

Top Moka finally came out with a man-sized mug! This colourful glass mug fits your hand like an old-school paper cup but it's made out of reusable glass so don't throw it away.
Squeezed Cup - Mug thumbnail

Top Moka steps it up from their espresso shot glasses and dainty coffee cups. Their glass Squeezed Cup in the Mug size has the look and feel of a paper cup without any of the waste.
Squeeze Cup - Shot thumbnail

Enjoy your espresso from Top Moka's squeezed cup in the single shot size. It has the look and feel of a traditional paper cup without the waste. Plus, you'll love all the colours!
Tete e Tete Cups & Tray thumbnail

With trays made of durable, easy-to-clean Melamine, this colour-coordinated set makes it easy to serve your favourite hot beverage in any room of the house or even outside.
Top Moka 2 Cups & Saucers Queen of Hearts Gift Set thumbnail

Don’t forget to add the Top Moka 2 Cups & Saucers Queen of Hearts Gift Set to your choice of Moka Pots! With an extra set of matching cups to complement your new coffeemaker, you’ll enjoy your morning coffee even more!
Top Moka Six Cups & Saucers thumbnail

Made of fine China with a pop of colour, the Top Moka Espresso Cup and Saucer Set is an attractive way to enjoy your morning coffee! With six matching place settings, you can serve the entire family in style!
Top Moka 2 Cups & Saucers and Tray thumbnail

For a romantic morning, wake up your special someone with fresh espresso! To safely carry coffee for two to the table or bedroom, add the Top Moka Espresso Drinkware Set with 2 cups and saucers to your Moka Pot!
Under Moka thumbnail

Moka Pots are amazing stovepot brewers, but they can get very hot. The UnderMoka makes it save to place your pot anywhere so it's always convenient to pour your next cup.
UnderMoka Hearts thumbnail

A cute alternative to the standard UnderMoka, this double-heart shaped trivet will protect even the finest furniture from scorching. Available in all of Top Moka's attractive colours.
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