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Prepping Your Moka Pot 

How to Season Your New Italian Espresso Maker for the Best Results

If you love rich, Italian coffee as much as we do, it’ll be hard to resist the urge to brew a pot of smooth espresso as soon as your order arrives. Don’t do it! If you do, you won’t be happy with the results. Your new Moka Pot must be properly seasoned to produce that rich flavour you crave.

Fortunately, it won’t take long to prep your new stovetop coffeemaker. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be steam-brewing Italian coffee like a pro in about an hour:

  1. Add clean water and 1 teaspoon of salt to the Moka Pot. Don’t add any coffee grounds to the filter. 
  2. Place the Moka Pot on the stove and heat until all the water is extracted from the boiler.
  3. Empty the collection chamber by pouring the hot water in the sink. (The Mini Moka Pot will dispense the hot water into cups as it leaves the boiler.)
  4. Fill the pot with clean water (no salt) again. This time, add coffee grounds to the filter.
  5. Place the Moka Pot on the stove and heat to brew the coffee.
  6. When the coffee is finished, throw it away and remove the used grounds from the filter.
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 two more times.
  8. You’re now ready to enjoy your first real pot of authentic Italian coffee!

This process may sound like a waste of time and coffee, but it’s a necessary chore. The seasoning process establishes a coffee film that eliminates any metallic flavour. If you don’t believe us, take just a small sip of pots one, two and three and compare the taste to your final results. You’ll notice quite a difference!

Your Moka Pot only requires a quick rinse between uses. However, if you do a thorough cleanse that removes the protective film, you should repeat these steps to re-season your Moka Pot before using it again.

Pleasant Brewing!

The Moka Team