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American Coffee Maker Silver Double Cup

American Coffee Maker Silver Double Cup Red


Top Moka adds Italian flare to café Americano with their new American Coffee Maker. This brewer comes in six different colours and is bound to please any lover of American OR Italian Coffee!

American Coffee Maker Silver Double Cup

For a truly versatile present, choose Top Moka's American Coffee Maker Silver Double Cup. This is their most versatile brewer with two modes of operation. With a regulator inserted into the boiler, the heated water will emulsify the coffee grounds to create a thin layer of cream for genuine Italian espresso. Remove the regulator, fill the boiler with water and you'll get two steaming cups of classic American coffee.

  • Hand-Crafted Using Only the Finest Materials
  • Choose from 6 Designer Colours
  • Best of Both American OR Italian Coffee

If you prefer a rich barley coffee rather than a more traditional brew, Top Moka's American Coffee Maker can make this type of hot beverage as well. Available in 6 designer colours and carefully hand-crafted in Italy, you won't find a more exquisite way to delight the Italian coffee lover in your life!

  • Makes Traditional Espresso or American Coffee
  • Extremely Versatile with Two Modes of Operation
  • Attractive Design - Quality Italian Craftsmanship

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