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Squeeze Cup - Shot

Squeeze Cup - Shot


Enjoy your espresso from Top Moka's squeezed cup in the single shot size. It has the look and feel of a traditional paper cup without the waste. Plus, you'll love all the colours!

Squeeze Cup - Shot

The Greener Version of the Paper Cup

An Ergonomic Cup That Fits Naturally In Your Hand!

Why waste money on cheap paper cups to only toss them in the trash after a single use? Top Moka comes to the rescue with reusable glass cups that are designed to fit comfortably in your hand and reduce waste.

Buy Your Top Moka Squeezed Cup in the Single Shot Size Today!

  • High-Quality Glass Construction
  • Ergonomic "Squeezed" Design
  • Reusable for Much Less Waste
  • Attractive & Colourful

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