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Squeeze Cup - Big Mug

Squeeze Cup - Big Mug


Top Moka finally came out with a man-sized mug! This colourful glass mug fits your hand like an old-school paper cup but it's made out of reusable glass so don't throw it away.

Squeeze Cup - Big Mug

Holds a Full 300 ml - What a Way to Start the Day!

Need Extra Coffee to Get You Going? Fill this Big Mug from Top Moka's Squeezed Cup Collection!

If you need an extra boost in the morning, or the afternoon, or whenever, get all the caffeine you need from the steaming contents of this eco-friendly Big Mug. It's got that great Squeezed Cup shape so that it's easy to hold onto no matter where you're headed for the day. Pick your favourite colour and get extras for all your friends. They'll love them!

This cup holds 300 ml of liquid.

Buy Your Squeezed Cup Big Mug in Your Choice of Attractive Colours Today!

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