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Under Moka

Under Moka


Moka Pots are amazing stovepot brewers, but they can get very hot. The UnderMoka makes it save to place your pot anywhere so it's always convenient to pour your next cup.

Under Moka

Never Worry About Where You Put Your Moka Pot Again!

Pick One to Match Your Moka Pot - Or Go Crazy with an Eclectic Mix!

No Moka Pot collection is complete without at least one UnderMoka. Available in a wide range of colours to match every coffee pot, these innovative little devices are made of Inox stainless steel then coated with a durable layer of heat resistant material. Now, your next cup of espresso will be close at hand whether you're standing beside your stove or sitting beside fine wood furniture.

Don't Let Your Moka Pot Go Without a Safe Resting Spot - Order Your UnderMoka Today!

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