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Heart Squeeze Cups - Shot

Heart Squeeze Cups - Shot


Love your coffee, love this cup! Top Moka's Squeezed Cup gets an updated design featuring their signature heart design and offering a paper-cup look in eco-friendly glass.

Heart Squeeze Cups - Shot

The Cutest Way to Enjoy Your Morning Espresso Shot!

The Squeezed Cup Design Feels Great In Your Hand, But The Hearts Say It All!

Top Moka has created an entirely new line of Squeezed Cups featuring their signature heart design. The shot size is the smallest, but it still has the look and feel of an old-school paper cup. It fits your hand perfectly, it's hard to drop and it's made from eco-friendly, reusable glass so there's no waste. For one low price, you can enjoy your morning espresso in this cup indefinitely, all while being greated by the warmth of twin hearts in your choice of vibrant colours!

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