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Refund & Return Policy

If your order is incomplete, damaged or not quite what you expected, please return it to:

Moka Pot Returns
55 Knightcott Road
Weston Super Mare
BS29 6HE
United Kingdom

Once you receive your order, please let us know within seven (7) days by phone or email if you plan on returning your items in exchange for a new product or a full refund. If we’re at fault, the shipping charges are on us. However, if you simply changed your mind, please send the returned merchandise postage paid.

To make sure your return is processed in a timely manner, return the items in question in the same condition they were received including any packing materials. Include your name, contact information and order number with the returned items. In most cases, the return/refund process only takes about four business days to complete.

At Moka Pot, we go out of our way to satisfy our customers with the best coffee makers in the world as well as the best customer service. Because we never stop striving to earn our customers’ trust and loyalty, you can depend on Moka Pot to stand behind every product sold on this site. In fact, our return rate is almost nonexistent due to the proven quality of our products and our excellent customer service. Less than 0.5% or our products are returned, and most returns are resolved with a new product within four business days.