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Six Shot

Authentic Italian Craftsmanship - Precision Made!

Satisfy your entire family's need for strong Italian coffee with this large Moka Pot. From your stovetop, you can easily make up to six shots of espresso-like brew in less time that you'd spend waiting in line at a busy coffee shop. These coffee pots are handcrafted using traditional methods from the finest raw materials.

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Top Moka Pot Large Six Shot Black thumbnail

When you’re making rich Italian espresso for the entire family, there’s no substitute for the Top Moka Pot Large Six Shot Black. This stovetop coffee maker steam-brews six cups of strong, smooth coffee at one time!
Top Moka Pot Large Six Shot Silver thumbnail

Perfect for a large family, the office staff or entertaining, the Top Moka Pot Large Six Shot Silver steam-brews rich Italian espresso in about five minutes. Brighten everyone’s morning with enough authentic Italian coffee to serve a small army!
Super Top Moka Pot Six Shot Chrome  thumbnail

Top Moka's new Super Top Moka Pot's upgraded features and top-of-the-line quality is designed with the true Italian espresso aficionado in mind. With six designer colours and stylish chrome accents, this espresso maker will complement any decor scheme from small offices to gourmet kitchens. It's the perfect gift idea!
Top Moka Pot Large Six Shot Silver (Induction Hob) thumbnail

Finally! Top Moka has created an elegant stovetop espresso maker that can satisfy your entire family with cup after cup of rich Italian coffee! The Top Moka Pot Large Six Shot Silver (Induction Hob) is made from durable Titanium Alloy for years of trouble-free use.
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