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Stove Top Coffee Maker

Steam-Brew Strong, Dark Espresso with a Stove Top Coffee Maker

Only the Italians could design a simple, elegant and attractive Stove Top Coffee Maker that steam-brews rich, espresso-like coffee using any flat cooking surface! A fashionable part of every traditional Italian kitchen, this single item made espresso a regular part of Italy’s culture.

Before the Stove Top Coffee Maker became a household item in the 1950s, only the upper classes were able to enjoy this hot beverage at home. The rest of the population paid a premium to savor refreshing espresso at a local bar or coffee shop when they could afford it.

Today, everyone can enjoy fresh espresso at home using an affordable Stove Top Coffee Maker. Compared to coffee shops, your daily cuppa barely costs a thing! If you’re as excited about this traditional coffee pot as we are, here’s even more information about this authentic Italian coffee pot:

Know Your Stove Top Coffee Maker

An authentic Italian Stove Top Coffee Maker uses a simple design combined with precision craftsmanship to create a sophisticated pot that steam-brews the richest coffee under controlled pressure. Although individual pots can vary slightly, they all include three basic parts. The bottom chamber holds the water for steaming, the coffee basket holds the ground coffee and the collection chamber holds the fresh espresso until it’s served.

In addition to these three basic components, every genuine Italian Stove Top Coffee Maker should also include these features:

Using Your Stove Top Coffee Maker

Making Italian espresso sounds complicated, but your Stove Top Coffee Maker makes it easy! First, understand what you’re actually making. This isn’t a complicated, espresso maker that maintains a dangerously high level of pressure thanks to a multitude of fancy mechanisms. Instead, it works much the same as gently boiling water. Because the pressure is slightly lower, this brew isn’t true espresso but an espresso-like coffee. Because it’s just as rich and delicious, no one can tell the difference.

To use your Stove Top Coffee Maker, disassemble the pot and fill the bottom chamber with warm water. Next, fill the coffee basket with coffee grounds and set it in the bottom chamber. Tightly secure the collection chamber to the bottom. Finally, place the coffee maker on a cooking surface on medium heat. Over the next five minutes, the steam will be forced through the coffee grounds filling the collection chamber with rich brew. Remove the pot from the heat source as soon as the steaming process is complete.

Cleaning Your Stove Top Coffee Maker

As you use your Stove Top Coffee Maker, you’ll notice a light film begin to accumulate inside the pot. This is normal. This patina contributes to the rich flavour and should be retained as long as possible. Many people even throw away the first few cups from a clean coffee pot to allow it to develop. When cleaning your pot, simply disassemble and rinse. No harsh cleaning agents are needed.

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