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Top Moka Pot Large Six Shot Black

Top Moka Pot Large Six Shot Black


When you’re making rich Italian espresso for the entire family, there’s no substitute for the Top Moka Pot Large Six Shot Black. This stovetop coffee maker steam-brews six cups of strong, smooth coffee at one time!

Top Moka Pot Large Six Shot Black

The Elegant Top Moka Pot Large Six Shot Black Makes Rich Espresso for the Entire Family!

Made in Italy where coffee is a time-honored tradition, the Top Moka Pot Large Six Shot Black makes just the right amount of rich espresso-like brew to serve an entire family, a busy office or a small party. Made from only the best food-grade aluminum with a build-in heat diffuser to eliminate scorching, this coffee is always strong and smooth without a trace of bitterness!

  • Extra-Large Size – Enough for Everyone
  • Double-Bottomed Boiler for Optimal Results
  • The Easiest Way to Make Authentic Italian Coffee
  • Suitable for Electric, Gas or Flat Stovetops

Add this extra-large Moka Pot to your kitchen to satisfy your entire family’s desire for authentic Italian coffee. The best way to start the day or finish the evening, you’ll turn to the Top Moka Pot Large Six Shot Black whenever you need a refreshing hot beverage. Choose from our wide range of lovely colours to complement any design scheme!

When using this type of Moka Pot to make traditional Italian coffee, it takes a little bit of time. However, we truly believe that the five minutes or so required to steam-brew a perfect cup of coffee is well worth the wait. After all, a perfect cuppa takes time!

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  • Sophisticated Italian Design
  • Choose from a Large Selection of Vivid Colours
  • Steam-Brews Smooth, Near-Espresso in About Five Minutes
  • Made by Hand from Food-Grade Aluminum of the Highest Quality
  • Elegant, Teflon-Coated Base that Looks Perfect in any Setting
  • Extra-Large Size for Six Servings of Italian Espresso
  • Perfect for Homes, Offices, Dormitories or Entertaining

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