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Top Moka Pot Large Six Shot Silver

Top Moka Pot Large Six Shot Silver


Perfect for a large family, the office staff or entertaining, the Top Moka Pot Large Six Shot Silver steam-brews rich Italian espresso in about five minutes. Brighten everyone’s morning with enough authentic Italian coffee to serve a small army!

Top Moka Pot Large Six Shot Silver

Handcrafted in Italy, the Top Moka Pot Large Six Shot Silver is Sheer Elegance!

Handcrafted from the best raw materials in picturesque Northern Italy by highly skilled craftsmen, the Top Moka Pot Large Six Shot Silver is as elegant as it is functional. This extra-large coffee pot steam-brews enough rich Italian espresso for a family breakfast, office meetings or evening get-togethers. Always strong but never bitter, this coffee is sheer perfection!


  • Sized for Entertaining – Six Full Cups of Rich Espresso
  • Built-In Heat Diffuser and Double-Bottomed Boiler to Prevent Scorching
  • Authentic Italian Coffee in About Five Minutes
  • Suitable for Electric, Gas or Flat Cooking Surfaces


Available in a wide variety of vibrant colours, this sophisticated stovetop coffee maker complements any design scheme. With this Moka Pot, you can enjoy your espresso straight from the cup for an intense burst of flavour or mix it with frothy milk and other ingredients for an endless variety of caffeinated beverages.

The Top Moka Pot Large Six Shot Silver requires about five minutes of your time to steam-brew the perfect cup of espresso-like coffee. Relax and savour the rich aroma as this stovetop espresso maker does its job. After all, great coffee is always worth a few extra minutes!

Purchase a Top Moka Pot Large Six Shot SIlver Today!

  • Made in Italy where Coffee is a Way of Life!
  • Available in Several Elegant Colours
  • Brew Rich Italian Espresso in Five Minutes
  • Quality Craftsmanship and High-Quality Materials
  • Sophisticated Silver Base that Blends in With Any Décor
  • Large Enough for the Entire Family

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